I’ve always preferred stuffed toys.

The Art of Seduction
Tip #2: Do manly and outdoorsy things without compromising your girlish ways. Find a healthy balance between dangerous and adorable.

Starting to take a lichen to it.
Bouquet of frogs.

Gone Fishin’ // Reid Lake, NWT


lucky to have a pal that will mess with a camera while I take forever messing with mine

Reflections // Edmonton

Are you trapped in the vortex or the creator of this vortex?

Both. It was a cold winter day and I fell into it and haven’t been able to find my way back. It gets a bit lonesome here in the vortex; but the coffee is good, the talking animals are great, and the imaginary men are very handsome…

Bimbos in the rain are the funniest thing. Chill out, you aren’t gonna die.

Opaque  by  andbamnan